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Big Lake Trails, Inc. was born out of  involvement of our members in the Big Lake Comprehensive Plan. That work  began in October of 2007 and continues to this day. Early in the  comprehensive planning process, many of the values of the community were  identified. One of the very important values was the preservation and  development of recreational trails in our community. These trails were  found to be an important part of economic health of the area. At the  same time, there was an observation that many of our historical trails  have been lost due to past development. Many more are now in immediate  danger of being lost to the future development of Borough lands, private  lands, rail belts and roadways Concerns grew as we discovered many of  our current trails do not have easements to assure continued use into  the future. 

Seeing  the need for immediate action, Dan Mayfield, Dan Kruse, Viki Kaas,  Monica Thomas, Ina Mueller and Cathy Mayfield began work to investigate  how we could best rally the community effort behind trails. To-date, our  efforts have involved working closely with the Big Lake Community  Council, the Big Lake Chamber of Commerce, continued involvement with  the Comprehensive Planning Team and several public meetings with  community residents. We gained great insight from this team approach.  The present Board members, concerned for the future of all trail user  groups in the community, resolved to put in place a perpetual non-profit  corporation to ensure trail needs within the Big Lake area are  addressed. Big Lake Trails, Inc. is the result of those efforts.




  • To promote single and multi-use trails in and around the  community of Big Lake, Alaska for their historical, recreational, social  and economic benefits.
  • To raise funds for the survey, acquisition, development, maintenance of trails and related trail facilities.
  • To preserve, protect and improve public trail access.
  • To promote sustainable trail systems for all users.
  • To provide information to the public on trail safety and trail etiquette.
  • To  foster cooperation among diverse groups in the community to address  trail development and conflicts as they present themselves.

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